Digital Marketing Course

Course Curriculum

Introduction to Digital Marketing

  • What Digital marketing is ?
  • Comparison between Conventional marketing and Online Marketing
  • Online Marketing Cycle
  • Introduction to Domain and hosting
  • Getting Domain name
  • Hosting Websites
  • Understanding Content Marketing, Lead Generation
  • Understanding Digital Marketing terms.
  • What is Social Media Marketing ? Brief Intro
  • Social Media Marketing for business and startups
  • Effective use if social media.
  • Building strategies for social media marketing.
  • Creating and optimizing social media accounts.
  • Marketing with facebooks (Paid and free both)
  • Marketing with Twitter
  • Marketing with Linkedin and Gplus.

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Blogging isn’t easy right ? Learn the right way of blogging to make a money out it.  What You will learn here :

  • Finding right Domain
  • Hosting a blog
  • Building and Optimizing a Blog
  • Getting Blog Post Ideas
  • Creating SEO friendly Content
  • Monetizing a blog
  • Guest Post and much more.

Start running a campaign with Facebook Ads and Google Ads. You will be learning :

  • Basics of Google Adwords
  • Google Adwords for Business
  • Managing Google Adword Account
  • Concetps of Google Adwords (CPC,CTR,Adrank)
  • Creating a First Google Adword Campaign
  • Targeting Audience

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Fundaas of Email Marketing
Getting Started with Email Marketing
Using Email Marketing Tools
Writing Effective Email that converts
Email Sending Frequency
Optimzing Email Marketing Campaign
Monitering Email Marketing Campaign.
Generating Leads

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